There's so much to see, discover and experience when you get onboard the Station. C.S.ONE was designed for repeat visits and exploration, so take your time, breathe, relax, and have fun!
Interactive Activities
> Catch some entertainmet in the Cinema, Theater, Café or Lounge.
> Give yourself a reading with either the Empowerment Activation deck or the Nature Spirits oracle cards.
> Inscribe a "Peace Scroll" while you're in the Peace Pyramid.
> Invoke the Violet Flame as you embark on a journey in the Purification Bath.
> Visit the Gratitude Bank and make an energetic deposit or withdrawal.
> Release and rejuvenate with the support of crystaline vibrations when you make a Personal Log entry.
After you board C.S.ONE, click the "ACTIVITIES" and "ENTERTAINMENT" links on the menu bar below the Station for additional offerings, and where to find them on the Station. You can also check the site map in the bottom left corner of the screen.
> C.S.ONE is not accessible from hand-held devices.
> For the optimal experience turn your sound on!
> Our audio players are not compatible with the Safari browser.
P r e b o a r d  P r e p a r a t i o n
Below are just a few of our featured offerings:
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