If you and the potential match both want to connect, you each pay a $55 fee for our services. A “first contact” conversation is then arranged in a private video-chat room. If you choose to have a second anonymous conversation, that will be arranged. You’re also welcome to make plans at any time to connect online or in person.
YOU complete and submit a comprehensive form about yourself and what you’re looking for in a mate.
A matchmaker reviews your form from a place of non-judgment and respect, with absolute integrity for your privacy.
As soon as they find a match they send each of you some basic profile information about the other, excluding your names, photos, and contact information. (The form specifies what information will be shared or not.)
Yenta’s fee entitles you to three profiles and “first contact” phone conversations.
How It Works

There’s no trick, magic formula, or metaphysical “gift” our matchmakers use. It’s a simple process:
Welcome to Rent-A-Yenta, where we help you find the ONE whose been dreaming of YOU.

Are you a spiritual, conscious being that’s been searching for love in all the wrong places, or just haven’t been able to find the “ONE” your soul has been yearning for? If so, know that you are not alone!

Many of us believe our “Soul Mate” or “Twin Flame” is here on earth now, but for whatever reason our paths have not been able to come together. Despite our best efforts – prayers, manifestation, trial and error – we’re still unable to connect with our other half. Please don’t give up… they haven’t, and either have the cosmic matchmakers.
So don’t wait another minute – step out onto a new pathway to love now. You have nothing to love and so much to gain!

Note: If you truly cannot afford Yenta’s services at this time, please contact her to discuss a rate that is within your budget. As a conscious provider, a sliding scale is always available.
Virtual “Singles Mingles”
(Dial-in toll free or connect online.)
Please join us for a fun-filled hour,
including introductions, socializing,
and to play "Meet Your Match".
Door prizes will be given away.
This could be the night you make
a lasting connection!!!