Starseeds: "Starseeds" are described as evolved beings from other planets, galaxies, star systems, or planes of existence, whose missions are to assist Planet Earth and humanity. Starseed Lightworkers incarnate into the same conditions and amnesia concerning their identity, origins, and purpose as do humans. Starseeds, however, have genes encoded with a "wake-up call" that "activates" them at a predetermined moment in their life. Awakening can be gentle and gradual, or quite dramatic and abrupt.
Walk-Ins: A Walk-In or "Soul exchange" occurs when a Soul "moves in" to a human body that is "inhabited" by a Soul who has chosen to leave that physical body. The Walk-In comes here with very specific work to do. Usually it is to help others as a healer, teacher, mentor, counselor, etc. This process of cosmic soul-wandering has been going on since the beginning of time and is common throughout the Universe, although most Walk-Ins don't know they are.
LightWarriors: Light-Warriors are truth seekers. They're both awake and aware. They’re diplomatic and direct in their approach, preferring blunt honesty no mater how controversial. They protect and defend those and that which is of the Light. Although Light-Warriors engage in combat with the dark forces when absolutely necessary, they usually serve as peaceful diplomats when in the physical body. Like all Lightworkers, LightWarriors are here to raise the vibration and make the shift out of fear-based reality.
If you’re running late or unable to attend, please follow the instructions below to experience the event on your own.
The "virtual" doors will re-open for the social following the Lightworkers Circle.
> Click the link between the flashing lines: “CLICK HERE TO EXPLORE C.S.ONE”
> After your lightbody is translocated onto C.S.ONE, a female hologram will greet you. Click her to deactivate her program.
> The control panel for the Transport Lift (elevator) is on the left. To proceed, click on Deck 7 – Level 2.
> When the doors open you'll be in the Spiritual Center lobby. Click the sign that says: “SACRED GROUNDS”.
> Click on “Serenity Park”, then use the horizontal scroll bar (below the floor) to stroll to the end of the walkway
> where you'll find "The Gathering Place". Click the cactus on the floor, then the chimes to begin the event.
This event includes creating sacred space, doing energy work, and taking an inner-journey. In that light, once the circle is opened the
virtual "doors" will be closed. If you’re running late, instructions on how to participate on your own are at the bottom of the page.
Of all the insight you gain on
your quest for consciousness,
the most inspiring is when
you finally discover that
In this soul stirring event we come together to honor each other as Lightworkers. A virtual candle will be lit for each group of kindred souls, including Lightworkers, Indigos, Starseeds, Walk-Ins, and LightWarriors.
Lightworkers: A Lightworker is a person who at some level is conscious of - and has a connection with - their Higher-Self. Lightworkers are here to help raise the vibration and shift the collective consciousness out of fear-based reality.
Many Lightworkers have been conscious most of their life and have followed a path of service, be it as a healer, inspirational speaker, intuitive, humanitarian, spiritual advisor, etc. Others serve through creative inspiration, with works of art, music, and writings. A Lightworker can be a parent, student, teacher, scientist, politician, farmer, waitress, clerk... A Lightworker isn't defined by their job or status, but by their actions and intent, often times serving from within.
Indigos: Indigo Lightworkers are highly intuitive, sensitive, and often empathic. They come into this world with a clear sense of self-definition and a strong feeling that they need to make a significant difference in the world. The Indigo's life purpose is to bring awareness that the old systems no longer work and rally for change. They are unique in the way they see things and will not conform in order to fit into society. They possess a low tolerance for authority without cause or reason.
Lightworkers Circle And Virtual Candle Lighting Ceremony