There's so much to see, discover and experience. C.S.ONE was designed for repeat visits and exploration, so take your time, breathe, relax, and have fun. Below are just a few of the interactive experiences you might enjoy while onboard:
What To Do Onboard C.S.ONE...
Catch some entertainmet in the Cinema, Theater, Café or Lounge.
Give yourself a reading with either the Empowerment Activation or Nature Spirits oracle cards.
Inscribe a "Peace Scroll" while you're in the Peace Pyramid.
Invoke the Violet Flame as you embark on a journey in the Purification Bath.
Visit the Gratitude Bank and make an energetic deposit or withdrawal.
Release and rejuvenate with the support of crystaline vibrations when you make a Personal Log entry.
After you board C.S.ONE, click the "ACTIVITIES" and "ENTERTAINMENT" links on the menu bar below the Station for additional offerings.
Explore - Experience - Enlighten Up
Before boarding C.S.ONE:
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There's no place like Cyber-Space Station ONE!
> C.S.ONE is not accessible from hand-held devices.
> For the optimal experience turn your sound on!
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